Coat of Arms


Granted by letters patent from the Kings of Arms

dated 17 Mar 1895


JOHN MARROW of Kingsley and later of Alvanley in the parish of Frodsham, Cheshire, m. MARY – . He was buried at Frodsham on 29 Jun 1753 and she was buried at Frodsham on 29 Apr 1767 having had issue:


1.     William, who was buried at Frodsham on 27 May 1699.

2.     Thomas, sexton, of Overton, bapt 15 Mar 1699/1700 at Frodsham, who had issue by his first wife:

a.     John, bapt 29 May 1728 at Frodsham, buried at Frodsham on 14 Dec 1729.

a.     Abigail, bapt 6 Sep 1724 at Frodsham, m. 31 Jan 1752 at Frodsham, Thomas Sproson of Middlewich.

b.     Mary, bapt 14 Apr 1726 at Frodsham.

He m. 2ndly 30 Apr 1732 at Frodsham, Elizabeth Parson. He was buried at Frodsham on 15 Oct 1766 and she was buried at Frodsham on 16 Jan 1768 having had further issue:           

b.     John, bapt 1 May 1734 at Frodsham.

c.     Thomas, bapt 5 Aug 1737 at Frodsham, buried at Frodsham on 21 Jan 1745/46.

d.     Roger, cooper, bapt 18 Apr 1739 at Frodsham, m. 1 Dec 1763 at Middlewich, Cheshire, Elizabeth Baker.

c.     Mary, bapt 7 Mar 1732/33 at Frodsham, m. 28 Oct 1754 at Frodsham, Benjamin Brandreth.

d.     Ann, bapt 19 Jul 1741 at Frodsham.

3.     Peter, bapt 16 Mar 1701/02 at Frodsham, buried at Frodsham on 16 Jul 1702.

4.     WILLIAM, of whom presently.

5.     Richard, bapt 23 Jun 1720 at Frodsham.

1.     Anne, bapt 5 Feb 1707/08 at Frodsham.

2.     Mary, bapt 27 Nov 1711 at Frodsham.

3.     Anne (twin), bapt 3 Sep 1714 at Frodsham.

4.     Elizabeth (twin), bapt 3 Sep 1714 at Frodsham, buried at Frodsham on 30 Apr 1719.

5.     Margaret, bapt 24 Mar 1717/18 at Frodsham.

6.     Lydia, bapt 22 Jun 1721 at Frodsham, buried at Frodsham on 15 Dec 1721.


WILLIAM MARROW, shoemaker and farmer, of Kingsley and later of Pickering Bote, Crowton in the parish of Weaverham, Cheshire, bapt 15 Jul 1709 at Frodsham, m. 26 Feb 1737/38 at Frodsham, MARY, bapt 20 Dec 1713 at Weaverham, dau of ROBERT PECK of Crowton and his wife MARY (née GORST), who m. 16 Oct 1712 at Weaverham. See GORST of CATTS PLACE – Burke’s Landed Gentry 1952 Edition. She d. 8 Nov 1792 and was buried at Weaverham on 12 Nov 1792 and he d. 10 May 1800 and was buried at Weaverham on 13 May 1800 having had issue:


1.     John, bapt 9 Jan 1738/39 at Frodsham, buried at Frodsham on 2 Dec 1740.  

2.     Robert, of Liverpool, b. 10 Sep 1740, m. 18 Sep 1774 at Formby, Lancashire, Elizabeth Rimmer. He d. 22 Aug 1781 and she d. 10 Aug 1813 (Cheshire will dated 8 Aug 1813 and proved 21 Dec 1813) and was buried at Weaverham on 14 Aug 1813 having had issue:

a.     Mary, bapt 11 Sep 1775 at St. Peter, Liverpool.

b.     Elizabeth, bapt May 1777 at St. Nicholas, Liverpool, m. 16 Aug 1798 at St. Thomas, Liverpool, George Perry, architect and sculptor..

c.     Anne, of Pecks Prow, Crowton, which she inherited from her uncle Peter Marrow, bapt 26 Sep 1781 at St. Nicholas, Liverpool, unmarried in 1813.

3.     JOHN, of whom presently.

4.     William, b. 20 May 1749, bapt 8 Jun 1749 at Weaverham.

5.     Richard, of Ashton, Tarvin, Cheshire and Hartford in the parish of Great Budworth, Cheshire, b. 6 Aug 1751, bapt 23 Aug 1751 at Weaverham, m. 29 Oct 1771 at Weaverham, Ann, dau of Thomas Jackson of Asthmore.    He d. 11 Jul 1825 and was buried at Weaverham on 14 Jul 1825 and she d. 13 Jun 1833, aged 81, and was buried at Weaverham on 18 Jun 1833 having had issue:

a.     William, of Hartford, b. circa 1773, buried at Weaverham, aged 87, on 14 Apr 1860.

b.     Thomas, bapt 21 Jan 1777 at Weaverham.

c.     John, of Norley, bapt 24 Mar 1779 at Weaverham, buried at Weaverham on 21 Mar 1818.

d.     Robert, lived with his sister Mary at Hartford, b. circa 1784, d. unmarried and was buried at Weaverham, aged 70, on 12 Jun 1854.

e.     Richard, of Tarvin, b. 17 Dec 1788, bapt 20 Dec 1788 at Witton in the parish of Great Budworth, m. 13 Feb 1827 at St. Oswald’s, Chester, Jane Peacock and was buried at Weaverham on 13 Jan 1831.

f.      Samuel, b. 11 Feb 1790, bapt 12 Mar 1790 at Witton.

g.     Peter, b. 26 Feb 1792, bapt 1 Apr 1792 at Witton, buried at Weaverham on 12 May 1793.

h.     Peter, buried at Weaverham on 22 Mar 1801.

a.     Elizabeth, of Hartford, b. circa 1773, buried at Weaverham, aged 76, on 3 Feb 1849.

b.     Susanna, of Hartford, b. circa 1777, buried at Weaverham, aged 83, on 29 Apr 1860.

c.     Mary, farmer of 90 acres at Hartford, b. circa 1779, d. unmarried and was buried at Weaverham, aged 75, on 26 Apr 1854.

d.     Ann, lived with her sister Mary at Hartford, b. circa 1784, d. unmarried and was buried at Weaverham, aged 72, on 21 Jul 1856.

e.     Nanny, b. 11 Feb 1786, bapt 19 Feb 1786 at Witton.

f.      Ellen, lived with her sister Mary at Hartford, b. circa 1794, d. unmarried and was buried at Weaverham, aged 89, on 21 Apr 1883 (Will dated 13 Nov 1880 and proved 22 Nov 1884).

g.     Sarah, lived with her sister Mary at Hartford, b. circa 1798, d. unmarried and was buried at Weaverham, aged 56, on 21 Sep 1854.

6.     Thomas, b. 16 Feb 1754, bapt 15 Mar 1754 at Weaverham.

7.     Peter, broker, of Pitt Street in the parish of St. Thomas, Liverpool, b. 16 May 1756, bapt 20 Jun 1756 at Weaverham, may have m. 17 Aug 1793 at Formby, Lancashire, Elizabeth Grace and d. 1 Sep 1809 (Lancashire will dated 7 Aug 1809 and proved 31 Oct 1809) having had issue:

a.     Peter, living in 1809.

b.     William, living in 1809.

a.     Mary Ann, living in 1809.

b.     Elizabeth, living in 1809.

c.     Ann, living in 1809.

d.     Emma, living in 1809.

8.     Samuel, coal agent, of Sutton, near St. Helens, Lancashire, b. 4 Apr 1759, bapt 16 Apr 1759 at    Weaverham, m. Mary, dau of James Latham and d. 20 Jul 1843 (Cheshire will dated 27 Apr 1843 and proved 25 Jul 1844) having had issue:

a.     Richard, civil engineer, of Hartford, who d. 24 Jul 1849 (Cheshire will dated 3 Jul 1849 and proved 29 Oct 1849).

b.     William, b. circa 1833.

a.     Anne, bapt 21 Sep 1817 at St. Helens, possibly m. 1840, Rev Richard Morton, M.A., Curate of Geddington, Northamptonshire 1842-5, Master at Kettering Grammar School 1845-55, Vicar of Rothwell with Orton 1855-93, Rector of Glendon 1857-93, educ St. Catharine’s College, Cambridge, d. 22 Nov 1893, aged 84. See Modern English Biography by Frederic Boase.

b.       Ellen, bapt 3 Sep 1820 at St. Helens, living in 1849.

c.        Margaret, bapt 4 Apr 1825 at St. Helens, d. young.

d.       Margaret Sarah, bapt 21 Mar 1827 at St. Helens.

e.       Mary, bapt 16 Aug 1829 at St. Helens, living in 1841.

1.     Mary, b. 15 Dec 1744, bapt 22 Dec 1744 at Weaverham, m. 10 Apr 1769 at Weaverham, John Heppard of Overton.

2.     Ann, of Crowton, b. 24 Nov 1746, bapt 1 Jan 1746/47 at Weaverham, unmarried in 1809.


JOHN MARROW, farmer, of Crowton, b. 1 Oct 1742, bapt 22 Oct 1742 at Weaverham, m. 20 Jan 1776 at Great Budworth, ANN, bapt 22 Sep 1753 at Great Budworth, dau of JOSEPH CARTER of Wincham. He d. 9 Feb 1831 (Cheshire will dated 25 Sep 1828) and was buried at Weaverham on 14 Feb 1831 and she d. 18 Mar 1844, aged 91, and was buried at Weaverham on 23 Mar 1844 having had issue:


1.     William, innkeeper and yeoman, of Crowton, bapt 5 Mar 1777 at Weaverham, m. 15 Nov 1805 at Weaverham, Alice, bapt 12 May 1782 at Frodsham, dau of Thomas Holland and his wife Margaret (née Mountfield). He d. 1 Oct 1837 and was buried at Weaverham on 5 Oct 1837 (P.C.C. will dated 7 May 1836 and proved 24 Apr 1838) and she d. 21 Feb 1856, aged 74, and was buried at Weaverham on 28 Feb 1856 having had issue:

a.     John, b. 31 Jul 1807, bapt 13 Sep 1807 at Weaverham, d. unmarried and was buried at Weaverham on 5 Apr 1826.

b.     Thomas, bapt 11 Jun 1810 at Weaverham, buried at Weaverham on 5 Apr 1813.

c.     Thomas, innkeeper and yeoman, of Crowton, bapt 10 Oct 1813 at Weaverham, m. 12 Feb 1838 at Weaverham, Mary, dau of James Holland, yeoman, of Crowton. He was buried at Weaverham on 24 Dec 1841 and she d. 1 Mar 1903 at Hatton (Will dated 30 May 1902 and proved 29 Apr 1903) having had issue:

1.     Thomas Holland, book-keeper, of Hatton, Cheshire, bapt 29 Apr 1842 at Weaverham, d. unmarried 14 Jan 1886 (Will dated 7 Aug 1863 and proved 27 Jan 1886) and was buried at Weaverham on 18 Jan 1886.

1.     Anne, bapt 18 May 1839 at Weaverham, buried at Weaverham on 10 Apr 1841.

d.     William, farmer of 41 acres employing 1 man, of Oak Hill Farm, Crowton, bapt 15 Apr 1821 at Weaverham, m. 7 Dec 1845 at Weaverham, his first cousin once removed, Mary, eldest dau of John Marrow Crouchley, innkeeper, of Crowton (see below) and his wife Elizabeth (née Roberts). He d. 25 Jun 1882 (Will dated 18 Apr 1882 and proved 26 Jun 1883) and she d. 19 Apr 1907 (Will dated 14 Jan 1904 and proved 21 May 1907) having had issue:

1.     William, bapt 7 Nov 1856 at Weaverham, living in 1881.

1.     Alice Ann, bapt 5 Nov 1848 at Weaverham, d. unmarried 1892.

2.     Elizabeth, bapt 2 Nov 1851 at Weaverham, m. James Holland, farmer of 87 acres employing 3 men and 1 boy in 1881, of Cuddington in Northwich, Cheshire and had issue.

3.     Margaret, bapt 21 Aug 1859 at Weaverham, unmarried in 1882.

4.     Mary, of Oak Hill Farm, Crowton, bapt 24 Nov 1861 at Weaverham, d. unmarried 9 Nov 1924 (Will dated 25 Jun 1923 and proved 28 Jan 1925).

5.     Jessie, bapt 26 Jan 1863 at Weaverham, m. 1888, James Moreton.

6.     Lillie, bapt 21 May 1867 at Weaverham, unmarried in 1925.

a.     Margaret, bapt 18 Oct 1818 at Weaverham, m. 31 Oct 1839 at Weaverham, John Fraser, civil engineer, son of Angus Fraser of Sutherland.

2.     PETER, of whom presently.

3.     John, grocer, of Liverpool, b. 17 Mar 1789, bapt 19 Apr 1789 at Weaverham, m. Ellen – and d. before 1855 having had issue:

a.     John, bapt 23 Sep 1819 at St. Peter, Liverpool.

b.     James, book-keeper and clerk, of Sandrock Park, Liscard, Cheshire, bapt 25 Jun 1821 at St. Peter, Liverpool, m. Elizabeth Frances Ward and d. 25 Jan 1892 (Will dated 20 Sep 1886 and proved 12 Feb 1892) having had issue:

1.     James Charles, cotton broker, of 2 Laburnam Road, Sandrock, Liscard, b. 14 Sep 1851 at 62 Windsor Street, Toxteth, Liverpool, bapt 21 Jan 1852 at St. Peter, Liverpool, m. 1881, Emma Curson and d. 21 Jul 1897 having had issue:

a.     Percy, of Marlowe Road, Wallasey, Cheshire, b. 1891, living in 1966.

2.     Peter, bapt 20 Jan 1858 at St. Peter, Liverpool.

3.     Harold, Captain, Chilean Navy, of 31 Claremont Road, Wallasey, Cheshire, bapt 8 Jul 1863 at St. Peter, Liverpool, who d. 6 Dec 1943 having had issue:

a.     Nora Emma Frances, b. 8 May 1897, m. 23 May 1931 at St. Hilary’s, Wallasey, Robert James Coffey, Head of the Nautical College, Liverpool. She d. 10 Apr 1983 and he d. 17 Oct 1989 having had issue: 1 son.

4.     William John, insurance clerk with The Royal Insurance Company Ltd., of 10 Cambridge Road, Wallasey, bapt 19 Nov 1866 at St. Peter, Liverpool, m. 1903, Mary Elizabeth, dau of Robert Dixon and d. 13 Feb 1923 having had issue:

a.     William Harold, insurance clerk with The Royal Insurance Company Ltd., of 8 Beryl Road, Noctorum, Birkenhead, b. 14 Oct 1908, m. Edith Elizabeth Heavyside and d.s.p. 20 Jul 1964.

a.     Mary Cecilia, head telephonist with The Royal Insurance Company Ltd., of 15 Church Road, Upton, Wirral, Cheshire, b. 5 Aug 1910, unmarried in 1989.

5.     Walter, cashier, of Anfield, Liverpool and later of Avenida Los Placeres, Valparaiso, Chile, m. Betty, dau of John MacGregor and his wife Mary (née Maclean) and d.s.p. 1 Feb 1940 in Chile. She lived later at Dell House, 8 Millburn Road, Inverness, Scotland and d. 28 Jul 1955.

1.     Elizabeth Maria, of Yew Tree Road, Walton, Liverpool, bapt 14 Nov 1855 at St. Peter,     Liverpool, d. unmarried 26 Oct 1899.

2.     Helena, bapt 28 Feb 1860 at St. Peter, Liverpool, m. 1893, Robert Thomas of The Brook, near Liverpool.

c.     William, bapt 10 Nov 1824 at St. Peter, Liverpool.

d.     Peter, bapt 20 Apr 1826 at St. Peter, Liverpool.

a.     Ann Jane, of Argyle Road, Anfield, Liverpool, bapt 30 May 1816 at St. Peter, Liverpool, d. unmarried 23 Jun 1898.

b.     Mary, bapt 6 Nov 1817 at St. Peter, Liverpool.

c.     Eliza, bapt 3 Nov 1823 at St. Peter, Liverpool, unmarried in 1860.

d.     Emma, bapt 13 Sep 1827 at St. Peter, Liverpool.

4.     Joseph, farmer, of Brownlow, Astbury, Cheshire, bapt 12 Mar 1797 at Weaverham, d. unmarried 24 Jul 1862 (Will dated 16 Apr 1860 and proved 3 May 1864) at Heaton Norris, Lancashire.

1.       Mary, bapt 7 Jun 1778 at Weaverham, m. 16 Apr 1798 at Weaverham, Matthew Crouchley, saddler, of High Walton, near Warrington.  She d. 1 Apr 1799 and was buried at Daresbury on 5 Apr 1799 and he d. 20 May 1819 and was buried at Daresbury on 23 May 1819 having had issue:

a.     John Marrow, farmer and innkeeper, of Crowton, bapt 5 Apr 1799 at Daresbury, m. 9 Jul 1827 at St. Paul, Liverpool, Elizabeth Roberts. He d. 30 Apr 1845 at Crowton after falling downstairs and was buried at Daresbury on 5 May 1845 (and she m. 2ndly 25 Mar 1846 at St. Nicholas, Liverpool, Charles Bentley and had further issue) and she d. 1 Apr 1850 and was buried at Little Leigh having had issue: 4 sons and 5 daus.

2.     Ann, b. 3 Oct 1781, bapt 4 Nov 1781 at Weaverham, d. unmarried 21 Jun 1846 and was buried at Weaverham on 24 Jun 1846 (Cheshire will dated 16 Dec 1839 and proved 6 Jul 1847).

3.     Elizabeth, of Crowton, b. 17 Apr 1783, bapt 18 May 1783 at Weaverham, d. unmarried 1 May 1847 and was buried at Weaverham on 6 May 1847 (Cheshire will dated 6 Aug 1840 and proved 26 Aug 1848).

4.      Margaret (Peggy), of Liverpool and later of Matlock, Derbyshire, b. 24 Jun 1787, bapt 29 Jul 1787 at Weaverham, m. 24 Mar 1818 at Weaverham, Joseph Redish of Childwell, Lancashire. He d. 1866 and she d. 1868 having had issue. Their two daughters, Jane and Emily, were both English teachers at Matlock Bridge School in 1861.

5.      Susannah, b. 27 Jan 1791, bapt 27 Feb 1791 at Weaverham, m. 13 Jun 1815 at Weaverham, George Beckett, draper, of Northwich, Cheshire and had issue.

6.     Fanny, b. 1 Sep 1793, bapt 29 Sep 1793 at Weaverham.


PETER MARROW, corn merchant, of Bedford Street South, Liverpool, founder of the firm Peter Marrow & Co., b. 30 Jul 1785, bapt 4 Sep 1785 at Weaverham, m. 14 Apr 1812 at St. Anne’s, Liverpool, ELIZA, b. 25 Sep 1790, bapt 2 Nov 1790 at St. James’s, Toxteth Park, eldest dau of WILLIAM WILLIAMSON, butter merchant, of 10 College Lane, Toxteth and later of Birkett Street, Liverpool (Lancashire will dated 4 Dec 1811 and proved 19 Jul 1815) and his second wife ANN (née CLARE), sister of Richard Shaw Clare, ship’s chandler, of Liverpool. He d. 19 Aug 1855 (P.C.C. will dated 31 Jul 1855 and proved 24 Jun 1856) and was buried in St. James’s Cemetery, Liverpool and she d. 30 Nov 1869 having had issue:


WILLIAM JOHN MARROW, (obituary) corn merchant, of Belle Vue, Prince’s Park, Liverpool and Cavers, Manor Road, Bournemouth, Hampshire, Director, The Royal Insurance Company Ltd. 1853-92, b. 4 Dec 1812, bapt 24 Mar 1813 at St. Anne’s, Liverpool, educ Royal Institution School, Liverpool, had a Grant of Arms by letters patent from the Kings of Arms dated 17 Mar 1895, m. 25 Sep 1845 at Edgbaston Parish Church, KINBARRA SWENE, bapt 26 Dec 1823 at St. Martin, Birmingham, second dau of EDWARD ARMFIELD, button merchant and manufacturer, of 70 Hagley Road, Edgbaston, Birmingham and his wife ELIZABETH AMY, dau of ANDREW GUY CLARKE. See Armfield and Clarke Family Histories. He d. 6 Nov 1895 at Cavers, she d. 9 Nov 1895 at Cavers and they were both buried in Bournemouth having had issue:


      1.     PETER, of whom presently.

2.    Edward Armfield (later Armfield Marrow), M.A., barrister-at-law, Middle Temple, of 13 The Boltons, London, b. 10 Nov 1853 at Beech Lawn, Aigburth, Liverpool, bapt 7 Feb 1854 at St. Mary the Virgin, West Derby, educ Harrow, Trinity Hall, Cambridge, presented at Court on 15 May 1908, m. 14 Jul 1897 at St. Paul’s, Knightsbridge, Amy Theresa Edith, third dau of Rev Edward Cheese, Rector of Haughton-le-Skerne, County Durham, and his wife Amy Maria, eldest dau of Rt Rev The Hon. Henry Montagu Villiers, D.D., Bishop of Durham. See EARL of CLARENDON – Burke’s Peerage. He d. 2 May 1938 at 13 The Boltons and she d. 4 Apr 1940 at Percival’s Hotel, Worthing having had issue:

a.     Edith Vera, of Edgington House, Chittlehamholt, Devon, b. 4 Jun 1900, m. 17 Jul 1929 at Holy Trinity, Brompton, Captain Hew Maitland Wardrop, son of J.C. Wardrop of 30 Queen’s Gate Gardens, London.     He d. 3 Aug 1954 and she d.s.p. 24 Jul 1978.

b.     Kinbarra, b. 9 Aug 1904 at 70 Evelyn Gardens, London, m. 20 Oct 1927 at St. Peter’s, Cranley Gardens, Francis John Morse, J.P., brewer, of Lenwade House, Norfolk, b. 26 Jul 1897, second son of Sir George Henry Morse of Beech Hill, Thorpe St. Andrew, Norfolk and his wife Annie (née Pasteur). See MORSE formerly of LOUND – Burke’s Landed Gentry 1965 Edition. He d. 11 Mar 1971 and she d. 29 Feb 1980 at 100 Drayton Gardens, London having had issue: 1 son and 1 dau.

3.     Rev William John Williamson, M.A., of St. Michael, Ascot, Berkshire, Domestic Chaplain to the Bishop of Wakefield, b. 16 Mar 1856 at Aigburth, bapt 28 May 1856 at St. Mary the Virgin, West Derby, educ Harrow, Christ Church, Oxford, d. unmarried 28 Aug 1941.

4.     Arthur Guy Clarke (Guy), of Cavers, Manor Road, Bournemouth, b. 22 Apr 1858 at Aigburth, bapt 1 Jun 1858 at St. Mary the Virgin, West Derby, educ Harrow, Royal Agricultural College, Cirencester, d. unmarried 10 Jul 1893 at Cavers.

5.     Harry Wilmot, b. 6 Mar 1861, bapt 25 Apr 1861 at St. Mary the Virgin, West Derby, d. 4 Aug 1861 at Pen Maen Mawr and was buried in St. James’s Cemetery, Liverpool.

1.     Eliza Amy, b. 22 Nov 1846 at Aigburth, bapt 12 Jan 1847 at St. Mary the Virgin, West Derby, m. 15 Apr 1875 at Christ Church, Prince’s Park, Liverpool, Rev Henry Buckston of Bradbourne Hall, Ashbourne, Derbyshire, only son of Rev Henry Thomas Buckston and his wife Mary (née Johnson). See BUCKSTON formerly of BRADBOURNE HALL – Burke’s Landed Gentry 1965 Edition. He was b. 18 May 1834, educ St. John’s College, Cambridge and d. 27 Nov 1916 and she d. 13 Jun 1926 having had issue:

a.     Rev Henry Beresford, B.A., of King’s Nympton, Devon, b. 18 Nov 1878, educ Eton, Trinity College, Cambridge, d. 13 Mar 1902.

b.     George Moreton, B.A., J.P., High Sheriff of Derbyshire in 1926, Captain, Derbyshire Yeomanry, b. 12 Mar 1881, educ Eton, Trinity College, Cambridge, m. 19 Nov 1907, Victoria Alexandrina, dau of Haughton Charles Okeover, D.L., J.P., and his wife The Hon. Eliza Anne Cavendish, elder dau of Henry Manners, 3rd Baron Waterpark. See WALKER-OKEOVER, Baronet – Burke’s Peerage. He d. 24 Nov 1942 and she d. 2 Nov 1960 having had issue:

1.     Robin Henry Rowland, J.P. (obituary), High Sheriff of Derbyshire in 1960, Captain, Derbyshire County Cricket Club 1937-39, b. 10 Oct 1908, educ Eton, Jesus College, Cambridge, m. 6 Jan 1940 at St. James’s, Churchill, Chrystal Tresyllian, youngest dau of Hakewill Tresyllian Williams, D.L., of Churchill Court, near Kidderminster, and his wife Eleanor Esme, eldest dau of Andrew Coventry Maitland-Makgill-Crichton. He d. 16 May 1967 having had issue: 1 son and 1 dau.

2.     George Beresford, Prince Albert Victor’s Own Cavalry, Indian Army, b. 19 Jun 1910, d. unmarried Nov 1964 at Hove, Sussex.

1.     Mary Hope, b. 9 Jun 1913.

2.     Victoria Ruth, b. 5 Jul 1919, m. 9 Oct 1956 at St. Columba’s, Pont Street, Brigadier Ronald Dickeson Bolton, C.B.E., R.A., of Buttslade House, Sibford Gower, son of Felix Dickeson Bolton of Bickley, Kent and d. 27 Nov 1999 having had issue: 1 son and 1 dau.

2.     Kinbarra Swene, b. 12 Sep 1848 at Aigburth, bapt 22 Nov 1848 at St. Mary the Virgin, West Derby, m. 4 Jul 1878 at Christ Church, Prince’s Park, Liverpool, Admiral of the Fleet Sir William Henry May (alternative photograph, obituary), G.C.B., G.C.V.O., Commander-in-Chief, Home Fleet 1911-13, son of Job Seaburne May and his wife Ann Jane (née Freckleton). See BOURNE-MAY formerly of HACKINSALL – Burke’s Landed Gentry 1972 Edition, the Dictionary of National Biography and The Life of a Sailor with an epilogue by Alexia Bourne-May. He d. 7 Oct 1930 and she d. 24 Mar 1936 having had issue:

a.     Sir Reginald Seaburne (obituary), K.C.B., K.B.E., C.M.G., D.S.O., General, Quarter-Master-General to the Forces 1935-39, of Bughtrigg, Coldstream, Berwickshire, b. 10 Aug 1879, m. 1stly 20 Dec 1906 at St. Mary’s, Hemel Hempstead, Marguerite Geraldine Ramsay, only dau of Colin Ramsay Drake of Batchwood, St. Albans, Hertfordshire and his wife Evangeline Lockhart, eldest dau of Sir Alfred Hughes, Bt. She d. 1 Feb 1931 at Settrington Hall, Malton, Yorkshire having had issue:

1.     William Drake Seaburne (Bill), Colonel, Member of the London Stock Exchange, of The Long House, Hurstbourne Priors, Whitchurch, Hampshire and later of Lessudden Bank, St. Boswells, Melrose, Roxburghshire, b. 28 Mar 1908, educ Wellington, Lieutenant, Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders 1928-32, m. 5 Nov 1932 at St. Columba’s, Pont Street, Betty Livingstone Macassey, only dau of Sir Lyndon Livingstone Macassey, K.B.E., and his wife Jeanne (née M’Farland).  He d. 13 Mar 2004 having had issue: 1 son and 4 daus.

2.     Guy Seaburne, Partner, Wise Speke & Co. (Stockbrokers), of Newcastle, of Eachwick Hall, Dalton, Northumberland, b. 1 Dec 1911, educ Wellington, m. 1stly 20 Jul 1936 at St. Saviour’s, Walton Street, Winifred Argenton (Argie), dau of Lieutenant Colonel John Fryer, 7th Hussars, of Derwent Hall, Stamford Bridge, Yorkshire. She d. 31 Jan 1971 having had issue: 1 son and 1 dau.

He m. 2ndly 7 Oct 1976, Patricia (Pattie), dau of Joseph Wesson of Tettenhall, Staffordshire and d. 5 May 2003 in London.

3.     Robert Donald Seaburne, F.C.A., b. 30 Jul 1923, d. unmarried 1982.

He m. 2ndly 9 Jul 1932 at the Private Chapel, Bishopthorpe, York, Jane Robertson, widow of Lieutenant Colonel John Cassels Monteith, Bedfordshire Regiment and elder dau of Sir John Wilson, Bt. See WILSON of AIRDRIE, Baronet – Burke’s Peerage.   He d. 26 Oct 1958 and she d. 20 May 1970.

b.     Archibald Seaburne, M.V.O., O.B.E., Captain, R.N., of Chatto, Hownam, Kelso, b. 29 Jun 1885, m. 27 Feb 1915 at St. Mary’s Catholic Cathedral, Edinburgh, Mary Emma, dau of Commander Edward Noble Price, R.N., and his wife Josephine (née Messina) and d. 31 Jan 1947 having had issue:

1.     Hugh Seaburne, Commander, R.N., of Dunworth House, Donhead St. Mary, Wiltshire, b. 23 Aug 1920, educ Ampleforth, m. 1stly 1 Jan 1949 (marriage dissolved), The Hon. Diana Maria Faith Crofton, only dau of The Hon. Edward Charles Crofton and his wife Cecilia Mabel, widow of Alexander Francis Macdonald of Glenaladale and dau of John T. Day of Hayeswood, Streatham Park and had issue: 1 son and 1 dau. See CROFTON – Burke’s Peerage. He m. 2ndly 29 Mar 1962, Joan Betty Corlett (née Allison), dau of Hubert Allison, Official Jockey Club Starter, and his wife Mildred Clarke (née Thompson) and d. 12 Jan 2002. See ALLISON formerly of UNDERCLIFFE and TICKFORD ABBEY – Burke’s Landed Gentry 1972 Edition.

a.     Kinbarra Swene (Kinnie), of Bughtrigg, Leitholm, Coldstream, b. 1881, d. unmarried 19 May 1920.


Major PETER MARROW (obituary, memorial), King’s Dragoon Guards, of Belhaven Hill, Dunbar, Haddingtonshire, b. 20 Aug 1851 at Beech Lawn, Garston, Lancashire, bapt Sep 1851 at St. Mary the Virgin, West Derby, educ Harrow, served in the Zulu War of 1879 (involved in the ‘cavalry affair’ at Erzungayan and later a staff officer at Fort Newdigate), commissioned as Cornet on 20 Oct 1871, promoted Lieutenant on 28 Oct 1871, Captain on 28 Oct 1881, Major on 9 Sep 1885, later Adjutant, Lanarkshire Yeomanry Cavalry, m. 28 Feb 1878 at Liverpool Parish Church, his second cousin, MARY (alternative photograph), eldest dau of Canon ALEXANDER STEWART, M.A., Rector of Liverpool, and his wife MARIAN BAYLEY, elder dau of ROBERT WEALE. See Stewart and Weale Family Histories and obituary in The Times dated 22 May 1903. He d. 19 May 1903 at Queen Anne’s Mansions, London and she d. 16 Jul 1920 at Belhaven Hill having had issue:


1.     Peter, b. and d. 13 Dec 1878 at 29 Sandon Street, Liverpool and was buried in St. James’s Cemetery, Liverpool.

2.     Edward Armfield (alternative photograph), Captain and Adjutant, 3rd Battalion, King’s Own Scottish Borderers, of Belchester, Coldstream, Berwickshire, b. 26 Sep 1883 at Bowshill, Blantyre, Scotland, educ Summerfields, Harrow, commissioned into the King’s Own Scottish Borderers on 18 Jan 1902, m. 11 Jan 1911 at Norham, Berwickshire, Constance Marian, second dau of Lieutenant Colonel Bloomfield Gough, 9th Lancers, and his wife Maria Jean, dau of Matthew Dysart Hunter, J.P., of Medomsley, Co. Durham and Anton’s Hill, Berwickshire. See GOUGH of CORSLEY HOUSE – Burke’s Landed Gentry 1972 Edition and HUNTER formerly of MEDOMSLEY – Burke’s Landed Gentry 1937 Edition. He was killed in action at ‘Y Beach’, Gallipoli on 25 Apr 1915 and was buried in Twelve Tree Copse Cemetery (memorial) (and she m. 2ndly 27 Nov 1923, Lieutenant Colonel Lionel Frederick Machin, M.C., King’s Own Scottish Borderers, of Spital House, Paxton, Berwickshire and d. 23 Nov 1966 having had further issue) having had issue:

a.     Canon Peter, M.A., of Easter Cottage, Aldwick Street, Aldwick, Bognor Regis, Sussex, Chaplain, R.A.F.V.R. 1939-46, Vicar of Christ Church, Surbiton 1946-53, Rector of Broadwater, Worthing, Sussex 1953-78, Canon of Chichester Cathedral, b. 11 Jan 1913, educ Harrow, Magdalene College, Cambridge, m. 15 Jun 1935, Barbara Rosemary, dau of Herbert Sidney Sharp of Cambridge. He d. 21 Feb 1994 and she d. 16 Dec 1995 having had issue: 1 son and 5 daus.

b.     Edward Charles Gough, B.A., farmer, Lieutenant, 4th Battalion, King’s Own Scottish Borderers during the Second World War, b. 21 Nov 1915, educ Harrow, Downing College, Cambridge, m. 15 Jul 1943 at Christ Church, Duns, Berwickshire, his first cousin, Patricia Jane, b. 20 Mar 1924, dau of Lieutenant Colonel Wilfred Richardson Peacock Henry, Prince Albert Victor’s Own Cavalry, Indian Army, of Rathburne, Longformacus, Duns and his wife Cecily, dau of Lieutenant Colonel Bloomfield Gough, 9th Lancers. He d. 17 Aug 1997 having had issue: 3 daus.

a.     Margaret Constance, b. 29 Nov 1911, d. 3 Dec 1911.

3.     William John, b. 27 Jan 1887 at Ringstead, Bournemouth, d. 3 Feb 1887 at Ringstead, Bournemouth.

1.     Petrina Mary, physiotherapist, of The Bobbin, Shuttle Street, Kilbarchan, Renfrewshire and Jasmine Cottage, Long Sutton, Somerset, b. 26 Aug 1882 at St. Martin’s Hill, Canterbury, Kent, d. unmarried 23 Feb 1971 at St. Theresa’s Hospital, Corston, Somerset.

2.     Marjorie Noel, of Millbank, Ayton, Berwickshire and later of The Old Manse, Paxton, Renfrewshire, b. 28 Dec 1885 at Bowshill, Blantyre, m. 4 Jan 1919 at St. John’s, Paddington, Lieutenant Colonel Ralph Hamilton Crake, D.S.O., D.L., King’s Own Scottish Borderers, elder son of William Parry Crake of 31 Norfolk Crescent, London W2 and his wife Emily Noble (née Chase). He d. 29 Jan 1952 in Edinburgh and she d. 27 Sep 1974 in Glasgow having had issue: 1 son and 1 dau.

3.     Mary Stewart (Mollie), of Somnerfield House, Haddington, b. 25 Dec 1887 at Cairnsmore, New Galloway, d. unmarried 11 Jun 1949.

4.     Eileen Norah, of Swallowcliffe Manor, Swallowcliffe, Wiltshire, b. 11 Apr 1889 at Dyvock House, Maybole, Ayrshire, m. 15 Oct 1919 at St. Anne’s Church, Dunbar, Colonel Alexander Claud Allan, D.S.O., M.C., The Queen’s Own Cameron Highlanders, only son of Major General William Allan, Colonel of The Welch Regiment (41st/69th Foot), by his second wife Jane Husey, third dau of Rev James Senior (later Husey-Hunt), M.A., Vicar of Compton Pauncefoot, Somerset. See Allan Family History. He d. 31 Aug 1967 and she d. 26 Sep 1970 having had issue:  2 sons and 2 daus.

5.     Alison Violet, of Harley House, Maltravers Street, Arundel, Sussex, b. 28 Aug 1890 at Dyvock House, Maybole, m. 21 Feb 1927, Lieutenant Colonel Percy Bernard O’Connor, Royal Engineers, son of D. O’Connor of West Mount, Jersey. He d. 22 Jun 1939 and she d.s.p. 27 Feb 1981.