Coat of Arms


Granted by letters patent from the

Kings of Arms dated 15 Jun 1833


Lineage:   The family of HUSEY is reputedly descended from HUBERT HUSE who came over from Normandy with William the Conqueror. He married HELEN, natural daughter of Richard III, 5th Duke of Normandy, William’s uncle. See HUSEY-HUNT late of COMPTON CASTLE – Burke’s Landed Gentry 1906 and 1925 Editions, Hutchin’s History of Dorset and the Visitations of Dorset in 1623. A brief memoir of the Husey Family was compiled by the Reverend W.H.M. Church (see below) and is dated 17 May 1871. Compton Castle, Compton Pauncefoot, Somerset was rebuilt in the Gothick taste between 1825 and 1830 by John Hubert Hunt (see below). HUBERT HUSE was buried in Wells Cathedral having had issue:


WILLIAM HUSE, who held the Manor of Charlecombe, had issue:


1.     WILLIAM, of whom presently.

2.     Henry, who d.s.p.


WILLIAM HUSE of Charlecombe, who had issue:


1.     Walter.

2.     GODFREY, of whom presently.


GODFREY HUSE of Charlecombe, living on 17 Apr 1217, who had issue (with a further 7 sons):


1.     HENRY, of whom presently.

2.     Matthew, living in 1253, who had issue:

a.     Matilda, m. Nicholas Hose of Lincolnshire and had issue.

3.     William, of Glastonbury, slain by the Saracens in the Crusades, buried at Glastonbury.

4.     Hubert, called Sir Hubert le Goupyle, a Knight of Rhodes, buried at Bath.

5.     James, a Knight of Rhodes.

6.     Hugh, of Amesbury.


HENRY HUSE, who held the Manors of Figheldean, Eblington, Stapleford, Knytheton, Titcombe and Sutton and had issue:


1.     Geoffrey, Sheriff for the County of Oxford, who inherited his father’s lands in 1198, m. Gundrede de Warrenne, widow of Roger de Newburgh, Earl of Warwick and d. 1 John having had issue:

a.     Geoffrey, who had land at Figheldean, Stapleford and Cortleigh, m. Mabel – and d.s.p. 3 Henry III.    She m. 2ndly Geoffrey le Sauvage.

a.     Cicele, a nun at Wilton Abbey.

2.     WILLIAM, of whom presently.


WILLIAM HUSE, who had issue:


HENRY HUSE of Shapwick, Dorset, who had land at Charlton and Chilcompton, Somerset and d. 27 Henry III having had issue:


1.     HENRY, of whom presently.

2.     Hubert, m. Margaret – and d. 3 Edward I having had issue:

a.     Matilda, m. John le Dun.

b.     Margaret, m. Henry de Sturney.

c.     Isabella.

3.     John, of Charlecombe.


HENRY HUSE, who d. 36 Henry III having had issue:


RALPH HUSE of Sutton Abbas, Dorset, living in 1289, m. a dau of WILLIAM BEAUCHAMP, EARL of WARWICK, of Elmsley, Worcestershire and his wife ISABELLA, sister and co-heir of WILLIAM MAUDUIT, EARL of WARWICK, and had issue:


1.     WILLIAM, of whom presently.

2.     Rev Edward, Rector of Teffont, Wiltshire in 1298.

3.     Rev Godfrey, Rector of Teffont in 1299.


WILLIAM HUSE of Sutton Abbas, living in 1328, m. a dau of THEOBALD, LORD VERDON and had issue:


REGINALD HUSE, living in 1338, m. ELEANOR DAUBENY and had issue:


1.     WILLIAM, of whom presently.

2.     Sir Edmund, of Holbroke, Charlton Musgrave, Somerset, m. Johanna – and had issue:

a.     Matilda, m. Sir Philip Delamere of Nunney Castle, Somerset.

b.     Joan, m. 1stly Thomas Whyton. She m. 2ndly Sir Thomas Hungerford of Farleigh Castle.

c.     Margaret, m. Lucas, son of Philip, Lord Poynings.


WILLIAM HUSE, living in 1364, who had issue:


JAMES HUSE, living in 1378, m. JOAN, dau of Sir JOHN WINTERBORNE of Winterborne Tomson and his wife JOAN, dau of Sir JOHN DOULLER and his wife MATILDA, dau of JOHN CONNAILE and had issue:


THOMAS HUSE of Bowden, Somerset, m. JOAN, dau and heir of PETER de BOWOODE of North Bowoode, Netherbury, Dorset and his wife JULIAN, dau of ADAM MOORE and had issue:


THOMAS HUSE of Bowden, m. MARY, dau of EDWARD TOURNEY of Shapwick and his wife MABEL, dau of JOHN de POKESWELL of Pegges and had issue:


1.     JOHN, of whom presently.

2.     Thomas, of Stalham, Norfolk, and Bicester, Oxfordshire, M.P. for Sarum in 1470, m. Elizabeth Keymer and had issue:

1.     John, his grandson, m. Margaret Westleigh and had issue:

a.     Thomas, of Stalham, m. Jane, dau of George Townshend of Raynham, Norfolk and had issue:

1.     Richard, of Stalham, m. Elizabeth, dau of John Skinner of Hempstead-cum-Eccles and had issue.

1.     Mary, m. John Garrard of Norwich.

3.     Rev Helias, Rector of All Saints, Gussage, Okeford Fitzpaine and Holy Trinity, Wareham, Dorset.


JOHN HUSSEY of Shapwick and Tomson, m. ELIZABETH, dau of ROBERT TURGIS and his wife EDITH, dau of WILLIAM CARRANT of Toomer and d. 1483 having had issue:


1.     THOMAS, of whom presently.

2.     Robert.

3.     John.

1.     Elizabeth, a nun at Wilton.

2.     Agnes, a nun at Wilton.


THOMAS HUSSEY of Shapwick and Tomson, m. CHRISTIAN, dau of JOHN FITZJAMES of Redlynch, Somerset and had issue:


1.     THOMAS, of whom presently.

2.     BARTHOLOMEW, of Motcombe and Ebbesbourne Wake, Wiltshire, m. 1stly Elizabeth, widow of Henry Boddenham and sister of Sir John Mervyn of Fonthill, Wiltshire. She d. 1521/22 having had issue:

a.     Giles, of Pilton, m. 1stly Avis, dau of William Piercie of Shaftesbury and had issue:

1.     William, m. Martha, dau of Edward Hawles of Wimborne and had issue:

a.     William, of Motcombe, living in 1616, m. Mary – and had issue:

1.     Joseph.

2.     Henry.

1.     Dorothy.

He m. 2ndly Agnes, dau of John Stanter of Horningsham, Wiltshire but had no further issue.

b.     William, of Ebbesbourne Wake, m. Mary – . He d. 1581 (P.C.C. will dated 2 Jan 1580/81 and proved 12 Apr 1581) and she d. 1587 (P.C.C. will dated 25 Aug 1586 and proved 1 Feb 1587/88) having had issue:

1.     Henry, m. Miss Bowles.

2.     Rev William, B.A., Rector of Wimborne St. Giles, Dorset 1577-1616, educ Brasenose College, Oxford, d. 1616 having had issue:

a.     Rev Bartholomew, M.A., Vicar of Bere Regis, Dorset in 1646, b. circa 1604, matriculated St. Edmund Hall, Oxford, aged 18, on 15 Nov 1622.

3.     Edmund, of Ireland.

1.     Honor.

2.     Katherine.

3.     Elizabeth, m. John Arney of Chalbury, Dorset, son of Roger Arney.

4.     A dau, m. Mr. Hannington.

5.     Warborow, m. Thomas Bower of Donhead, Wiltshire and had issue.

6.     A dau, m. Mr. Compton.

He m. 2ndly MARGARET, dau of Sir JOHN HOLWELL and had further issue:

c.     Alexander, who d.s.p. (P.C.C. will proved 1571).

d.     THOMAS, of Edmondsham House, Edmondsham, Dorset, which he built in 1565 and which is still lived in by his descendants, m. 1stly ANNE, widow of Giles Alcoughe of St. Edmund, Salisbury and dau of JERVIS MARKHAM. There is an interesting collection of monuments to the Husseys and related families in Edmondsham Church. She was buried at Edmondsham on 28 Sep 1573 having had issue:

1.     Giles, gentleman, of Clement’s Inn, admitted to the Middle Temple on 22 Mar 1583/84, m. Margaret, dau of William Tulse of Avon, Sopley, Hampshire. He was buried at Edmondsham on 7 Feb 1632/33 and she was buried at Edmondsham on 14 May 1640 having had issue:

a.     Giles, buried at Edmondsham on 18 Jul 1604.

b.     Thomas, b. circa 1599, educ Wadham College, Oxford, m. 1629 at Trent, Somerset, Bridget, dau of Robert Coker of Mappowder, Dorset and his wife Amy, dau of Thomas Moldford of Chulmleigh, Devon. He d. 19 May 1630 and they were both buried at Trent having had issue:

1.     Thomas, of Edmondsham, Mayor of Shaftesbury in 1675, b. circa 1630, m. Philadelphia, dau of Essex Pawlett of Hidestreet, St. Bartholomew, Winchester and niece of Sir Gerard Napier of Moor Crichel, Dorset. He d. 31 Jul 1684, aged 54, and was buried at Edmondsham on 5 Aug 1684 (P.C.C. will dated 25 Jul 1684 and proved 6 Sep 1684) and she d. 21 Feb 1714/15 and was buried at Edmondsham on 28 Feb 1714/15 having had issue:

a.     Thomas, B.A., Serjeant-at-Law from 1736, appointed Recorder of Blandford on 12 Jul 1723, Mayor of Shaftesbury in 1711, 1716, 1721 and 1731, called to the Bar, Middle Temple in 1706, admitted to Lincoln’s Inn on 28 Jun 1733, educ Balliol College, Oxford, bapt 15 Feb 1680 at Edmondsham, m. 1732 at Heckfield, Hampshire, Mary, dau of Sir Anthony Sturt, Kt, of London. He d.s.p. 3 Sep 1745 and was buried at Edmondsham on 9 Sep 1745 and she d. 2 Aug 1747 and was buried at Edmondsham on 8 Aug 1747.

b.     Rev Robert, M.A., Rector of Moor Crichel in 1719, Rector of Church Knowle in 1709 and Rector of Edmondsham 1712-31, educ Balliol College, Oxford, b. 1 Jan 1683/84, bapt 13 Jan 1683/84 at Edmondsham, d.s.p. 25 May 1731 and was buried at Edmondsham on 4 Jun 1731.

a.     Philadelphia, bapt 23 Mar 1678/79 at Woodsford, Dorset, m. 1702, John Fry of Alvediston, Wiltshire. He d. 18 Mar 1726/27 and she d. 19 Dec 1748 and was buried at Edmondsham on 24 Dec 1748 having had issue. See MONRO of EDMONDSHAM HOUSE – Burke’s Landed Gentry 1952 Edition.

c.     Edmund, bapt 14 Aug 1605 at Edmondsham, m. 26 Sep 1631 at Hilton, Dorset, Mabel Okeden and had issue.

d.     William, bapt 21 Dec 1606 at Edmondsham.

a.     Anna, bapt 20 Nov 1591 at Edmondsham, buried at Edmondsham on 25 May 1606.

b.     Mary, bapt 21 Feb 1593/94 at Edmondsham, buried at Edmondsham on 21 Jul 1604.

2.     Thomas, m. 31 Jan 1591 at West Harnham, Anne Goddard and had issue:

a.     Thomas, gentleman, of Hungerford Park, Hungerford, Berkshire, who had issue:

1.     Thomas.

2.     William.

3.     Sampson, Doctor of the Civil Law (D.C.L.), Advocate, Doctors’ Commons from 2 Nov 1609, M.P. for Wareham 1597-98, matriculated Hart Hall, Oxford, aged 19, on 21 Feb 1583/84, m. 29 Dec 1603 at West Harnham, Jane Bowsher, dau of Charles Pressey of Bishopstone. According to the Parish Register entry, she was both deaf and dumb. They had issue:

a.     James, bapt 11 Dec 1606 at Edmondsham.

b.     Henry, bapt 10 Jan 1607/08 at Edmondsham.

a.     Mary, bapt 18 Apr 1609 at Edmondsham, m. 21 Aug 1627 at Edmondsham, Rev William Beaumont, Vicar of Canford, Dorset.

b.     Deborah, m. Sir John Rogers of Edmondsham, Dorset.

4.     Sir James, Kt, D.C.L., of Blandford St. Mary, Advocate, Doctors’ Commons from 28 Jan 1604/05, Councillor to the Bishop of Sarum, matriculated Magdalen Hall, Oxford on 15 Feb 1582/83, Registrar of Oxford University 1589-1610, Principal of Magdalen Hall 1602-05, knighted on 9 Nov 1619, m. Katherine Pollexfen, widow, and d. 11 Jul 1625 of the plague at Oxford (P.C.C. will dated 1623 and proved 6 Feb 1625/26) having had issue:

a.     George, who d.s.p.

b.     James, of Blandford St. Mary, b. circa 1593, matriculated Magdalen Hall, Oxford, aged 17, on 16 Jun 1610, admitted to the Inner Temple in 1614, m. 1stly Elizabeth, dau of Rev George Hovenden, D.D., Prebendary of Canterbury, and had issue:

1.     James, bapt 29 Jul 1621 at Blandford St. Mary, matriculated Magdalen Hall, Oxford, aged 16, on 9 Mar 1637/38, admitted to the Middle Temple in 1640.

2.     George, of Marnhull, Dorset, bapt 19 Jan 1622/23 at Blandford St. Mary, educ New College, Oxford, m. 1stly 1657, Eliza, dau of Charles Walcott of Walcott, Somerset and had issue:

a.     James, b. circa 1647, matriculated Wadham College, Oxford, aged 16, on 9 Apr 1663, admitted to the Middle Temple in 1666.

b.     John, bapt 30 Jan 1650/51 at Marnhull, d. young.

c.     Francis.

d.     George.

a.     Elizabeth, bapt 22 Jan 1648/49 at Marnhull.

b.     Cecily, bapt 6 Jan 1651/52 at Marnhull.

c.     Betteris, bapt 2 Feb 1652/53 at Marnhull.

He m. 2ndly Grace, dau of Sir Lewis Dive of Bromham, Bedford. He d. 5 Oct 1677 and she d. 3 Jul 1683 having had further issue:

e.     John, b. circa 1655, m. Mary, dau of Thomas Burdett of Smithfield, London.

d.     Susanna, b. circa 1660, professed a nun on 15 Jul 1678, d. 8 Aug 1702.

e.     Mary.

f.      Martha.

g.     Anne.

3.     Thomas, bapt 19 Dec 1624 at Blandford St. Mary, who had issue:

a.     Elizabeth, m. Arthur Fussell of Blandford Forum.

4.     Robert, of Salisbury, bapt 16 Dec 1627 at Blandford St. Mary, m. Susan, dau of Emanuel Gauntlett, silk merchant, of Salisbury and had issue:

a.     Elizabeth, bapt 27 Mar 1653.

5.     Giles, bapt 27 Nov 1631 at Blandford St. Mary, d.s.p. in Barbados.

He m. 2ndly Cecily Hussey. He d. 1638 (P.C.C. will proved 31 Oct 1638) and she d. 1657 (P.C.C. will proved 9 May 1657) having had further issue:

1.     Elizabeth, bapt 10 Dec 1637 at Blandford St. Mary.

5.     William, m. 30 May 1583 at Edmondsham, Katherine Scriven.

6.     Roger, m. 23 Apr 1582 at Edmondsham, Elizabeth, dau of Thomas Tregonwell of Milton Abbey, Dorset.

1.     Anne, m. 1stly Thomas Virgin of Cheddar, Somerset, who d. 1590 (P.C.C. will proved 1590).      She m. 2ndly 1611, Rev Thomas Bower, Rector of Wylye, Wiltshire and Pentridge, Dorset. She was buried at Wylye on 18 Nov 1618 and he d. 23 Feb 1618/19, aged 54, having had issue.

2.     Honor, m. 1stly 13 Aug 1589 at Edmondsham, Oliver Molyneux of Holwell, Cranborne, Dorset, who was buried at Cranborne on 23 Dec 1602. She m. 2ndly 15 Mar 1603/04 at Cranborne, George Baskett of Gorley, Fordingbridge, Hampshire, who d. 1614 (P.C.C. will proved 1614). She was buried at Cranborne on 6 Sep 1627.

3.     KATHERINE, m. 6 Jul 1579 at Edmondsham, HENRY CLIFFORD of Venn, Milborne Port, Somerset and had issue (see below).

He m. 2ndly Dorothy, dau of Sir William Carrant, Kt, of Toomer and was buried at Edmondsham on 10 Jul 1602 (P.C.C. will dated 1 Oct 1600 and proved 28 Jul 1602) but had no further issue.

3.     Richard.

4.     James, who d.s.p.

5.     Robert, m. Thomasine, sister of John Russell, 1st Earl of Bedford, and had issue:

a.     Bartholomew, of Southampton, m. Mary, dau of Sir Richard Knightley of Upton, Northamptonshire and had issue:

1.     John.

2.     Roger.

6.     Rev Sampson, M.A., Rector of St. Michael, Anderson, Dorset in 1534, Rector of Harrington, Somerset in 1527 and Rector of Swyse in 1509, Fellow of New College, Oxford 1502-06.

7.     Nicholas, Knight of Rhodes, present at the Siege of Rhodes in 1522.

8.     Rev William, Rector of Witherston in 1548, who d.s.p.

1.     Isabel, Prioress of Clerkenwell.

2.     Joan.

3.     Christian.

4.     Edith.

5.     Alice.

6.     Marion.

7.     Lucy, m. John Molton of Milborne St. Andrew, Dorset.


THOMAS HUSEY of Shapwick, m. ELIZABETH, dau and heir of HUMPHREY, son of HUMPHREY, fourth son of Sir JOHN BASKERVILLE of Combe and his wife ELIZABETH, dau of JOHN TOUCHET, LORD AUDLEY, and had issue:


1.     John, who had issue:

a.     Agnes, m. 1stly Roger Moore of Bicester. She m. 2ndly Thomas Curzon of Waterperry. She m. 3rdly Sir Edward Saunders, Chief Justice.

2.     Thomas, m. Joan, widow of Charles Vaughan and dau of Fulke Prideaux of Adeston and Theuborough, Devon and his second wife Katherine, dau of Sir Humphrey Poyntz of Langley, Devon and d.s.p.

3.     Edward, a Knight of Rhodes.

4.     James, a Knight of Rhodes.

5.     Christopher, a friar at Dorchester.

6.     HUBERT, of whom presently.

1.     Christian, m. William Strangways of Hazelbury Bryan, Dorset.

2.     Elizabeth, m. James Audley.

3.     Anne.

4.     Edith.


HUBERT HUSEY of Shapwick and Tomson, m. 13 May 1549 at St. Margaret’s, Westminster, ISABEL, dau of JOHN BANISTER of London and had issue:


THOMAS HUSEY of Shapwick and Tomson, m. MARY, dau of THOMAS BASKETT of Dewlish, Dorset and his wife URSULA, dau of JOHN LARDER of Charlton Adam, Somerset and his wife ANNE, dau of TRISTRAM STORKE of Trent, Somerset. He d. Jul 1604 (P.C.C. will dated 21 Jul 1604 and proved 7 Jan 1604/05) and she d. 1629 (P.C.C. will dated 29 Aug 1628 and proved 8 May 1629) having had issue:


1.     JOSEPH, of whom presently.

2.     George, of Charlton Horethorne, Somerset, m. 5 Aug 1615 at Boyton, Wiltshire, Alice Lambert. He d. 1632 (P.C.C. will proved 17 Nov 1632) and she d. 1671 having had issue:

a.     George.

b.     Robert.

c.     Thomas.

3.     Hubert, of Sydling St. Nicholas and Duntish Court, Buckland Newton, near Dorchester, Dorset, High Sheriff of Dorset in 1645, m. 1stly 9 Oct 1609 at Buckland Newton, Anne, dau of Thomas Barnes of Duntish Court and his wife Bridget, dau of Thomas Mill and sister and co-heir of Sir Richard Mill. She was buried at Buckland Newton on 2 Nov 1620 having had issue:

a.     Nicholas, bapt 18 Sep 1615 at Sydling St. Nicholas, educ Trinity College, Oxford, m. Lydia – . He d. 1671 and she was buried at Sydling St. Nicholas on 6 Feb 1697/98 (Archdeaconry Court of Blandford will dated 10 Mar 1690/91 and proved 8 Apr 1699).

b.     Hubert, bapt 19 Oct 1617 at Sydling St. Nicholas, d.s.p. before 1658.

a.     Mary, bapt 24 Feb 1613 at Buckland Newton, m. Ralph Arnold of Armswell, who d. 1657 having had issue.

b.     Selina, bapt 24 Nov 1616 at Sydling St. Nicholas, buried at Sydling St. Nicholas on 2 Jan 1631/32.

c.     Agnes, bapt 12 Dec 1618 at Sydling St. Nicholas, buried at Sydling St. Nicholas on 29 Jul 1624.

d.     Elizabeth, bapt 20 Aug 1620 at Sydling St. Nicholas, buried at Buckland Newton on 2 Nov 1620.

He m. 2ndly 2 Sep 1623 at Symondsbury, Dorset, Barbara, widow of John Every of Cothay, Somerset and dau of John Bennet of Symondsbury. He d. 1658 at Sydling St. Nicholas (P.C.C. will) and she d. 1664 (P.C.C. will), aged 62, and was buried at Sydling St. Nicholas having had further issue:

e.     Dorothy, bapt 26 Aug 1627 at Sydling St. Nicholas, m. Mr. Webbe and was buried at Sydling St. Nicholas on 5 Jun 1674.

f.      Jane, bapt 28 Dec 1628 at Sydling St. Nicholas, m. John Foy of Dorchester. He d. 15 Feb 1685/86 (Will dated 15 Feb 1682 and proved 14 Apr 1686) and she d. 8 Feb 1693. See monumental inscription in Melbury Bubb Parish Church, Dorset.

g.     Catherine, bapt 12 Jan 1630/31 at Sydling St. Nicholas, m. Adam Martin of Upwey, elder son of Adam Martin of Seaborough, Somerset. He d. 20 Dec 1678 at Crewkerne and she d. 12 Feb 1704/05 and was buried at Sydling St. Nicholas on 17 Feb 1704/05 having had issue. See monumental inscription in Sydling St. Nicholas Parish Church.

h.     Honor, bapt 3 Mar 1632/33 at Sydling St. Nicholas, m. Peter Holloway of Goodleigh, Uffculme, Devon and was buried at Sydling St. Nicholas on 14 Jan 1715/16 having had issue.

i.      Sarah, bapt 1 Sep 1635 at Sydling St. Nicholas, m. 26 Nov 1655, Lieutenant Colonel John Gould, Dorset Militia, son of John Gould and his wife Sarah, dau of William Every of Cothay, Somerset. See GOULD of UPWEY – Burke’s Landed Gentry 1952 Edition. He was b. 14 Oct 1624 and d. 27 Jan 1681 having had issue.

4.     Thomas, of Shapwick, b. circa 1599, matriculated Magdalen Hall, Oxford, aged 17, on 21 Jun 1616, m. Elizabeth, dau of James Hannam of Holwell, Dorset and d. 1656 (P.C.C. will dated 18 Apr 1656 and proved 22 Jan 1657) having had issue:

a.     Thomas, of Shapwick, m. Eleanor, dau of Sir George Moreton of Milborne St. Andrew and d.s.p.

b.     Delalynde, of Shapwick, m. Dorothy, dau of Richard Bingham of Quarrelston and his wife Jane (née Trenchard) and d. 1664/65 (P.C.C. will dated 26 Aug 1662 and proved 10 Feb 1664/65) having had issue:

1.     Elizabeth, bapt 11 Sep 1651 at Winterborne Stickland, Dorset, m. 1stly 6 Nov 1667 at St. Thomas, Salisbury, John Roy of Woodlands, West Wickham, Kent. She m. 2ndly Sir Samuel Lennard, Bt, of West Wickham and d. Apr 1702 having had issue. See LENNARD – Burke’s Extinct and Dormant Baronetcies.

a.     Mary, m. William Knoyle of Sandford Orcas, Dorset.

b.     Elizabeth.

5.     Robert.

1.     Mary, m. George Ryves of Randlestone, Iwerne Courtney, Dorset, elder son of John Ryves of Randlestone and his wife Anne, dau of George Burleigh of the Isle of Wight. See ELEY of EAST BERGHOLT – Burke’s Landed Gentry 1952 Edition.

2.     Honor, m. Thomas Moreton of Upper Henbury, Sturminster Marshall, Dorset and had issue: 3 sons and 2 daus.

3.     Jane, m. Henry Aucketill of Almer, Dorset, third son of Christopher Aucketill of Stour Provost, Dorset and his wife Elizabeth, dau of William Francis of Combe Florey, Somerset.

4.     Dorothy, m. Thomas Phelips of Corfe Mullen, Dorset, who was a member of the Phelips family of Montacute, Somerset. He was a Colonel commanding a Regiment of the King’s Army during the English Civil War (see below). She d. 14 Dec 1655 and was buried at Shapwick and he d. 1663 (Will dated 10 Oct 1662 and proved 2 Nov 1663).

5.     Katherine, m. her cousin, Edward Baskett of Dewlish.


JOSEPH HUSEY of Stourpaine, Dorset, m. 16 Jan 1606/07 at Purse Caundle, Dorset, ANNE, bapt 11 Dec 1581 at Milborne Port, Somerset, dau of HENRY CLIFFORD of Venn, Milborne Port and his wife KATHERINE, dau of THOMAS HUSSEY of Edmondsham and his wife ANNE, dau of JERVIS MARKHAM (see above). Henry Clifford was probably the younger son of Henry Clifford and his wife Elizabeth, dau of Sir William Carrant, Kt, of Toomer. See CLIFFORD of CHUDLEIGH – Burke’s Peerage. Joseph was a Captain in Colonel Phelip’s Regiment (see above) in the King’s Army in the English Civil War and was killed in a skirmish with the forces of the Earl of Bedford at Babell Hill between Sherborne and Yeovil on 13 Sep 1642 having had issue:


1.     JOSEPH, of whom presently.

2.     Thomas.

3.     Robert.

4.     Edward, living on 7 Nov 1637.

5.     John, living on 7 Nov 1637.

6.     Clifford, living on 16 May 1663.

7.     James, living on 7 Nov 1637.

1.     Katherine, living on 7 Nov 1637, bapt 24 Jan 1609/10 at Milborne Port.

2.     Anne, bapt 20 Jan 1610/11 at Milborne Port, m. 27 Jul 1631 at Salisbury Cathedral, Henry Polden.

3.     Jane, living on 7 Nov 1637.


JOSEPH HUSEY of Stourpaine, bapt 9 Nov 1606 at Milborne Port, m. 7 Jul 1636 at Blandford St. Mary, KATHARINE, dau of JOHN HODDER of Blandford Forum, Dorset. She was buried at Stourpaine on 2 Sep 1668 and he was buried at Stourpaine on 18 Oct 1685 having had issue:


1.     Joseph, of Wimborne Minster, m. Amy – . He d.s.p. 1695 (Administration dated 24 Jul 1695) and she m. 2ndly Walter Pigott.

2.     Thomas, buried at Stourpaine on 19 Aug 1644.

3.     John, bapt 5 Jul 1640 at Stourpaine, buried at Stourpaine on 15 Aug 1644.

4.     ROBERT, of whom presently.

1.     Katherine, living on 22 Jan 1638/39, bapt 25 Sep 1636 at Stourpaine.

2.     Anna, bapt 1 Jul 1638 at Stourpaine, buried at Stourpaine on 9 Jul 1638.

3.     Cecile, buried at Stourpaine on 13 Jan 1653/54.

4.     Mary, of Blandford, m. Mr. Frampton. He d. before 28 Feb 1702/03 and she was buried at Stourpaine on 21 Mar 1717/18.


ROBERT HUSEY of Stourpaine, b. 5 Nov 1655, bapt 19 Nov 1655 at Stourpaine, may have m. MARY, bapt 22 Mar 1658/59 at Buckerell, Devon, dau of HENRY FRY of Buckerell and his wife MARY, dau of RICHARD CULME of Cannonsleigh. See FRY of YARTY – Vivian’s Visitations of Devon 1895. He was buried at Stourpaine on 25 Feb 1704/05 (Administration dated 9 Feb 1708/09) having had issue:


1.     Robert, bapt 28 Mar 1676 at Honiton, Devon.

2.     HUBERT, of whom presently.

3.     Robert, bapt 21 Oct 1687 at Honiton.

1.     Susanna, bapt 13 Nov 1678 at Honiton.

2.     Elizabeth, bapt 25 Nov 1681 at Honiton.

3.     Alice or Cicely, bapt 1 Aug 1683 at Honiton, m. Thomas Freke of Shroton, Dorset, son of John Freke and his wife Jane, dau of Sir John Shirley of Ifield, Sussex and d.s.p. See HUSSEY-FREKE of HANNINGTON – Burke’s Landed Gentry 1969 Edition.

4.     Elizabeth, bapt 10 Dec 1684 at Honiton.

5.     Elizabeth, bapt 4 May 1691 at Honiton.

6.     Mary, bapt 4 May 1691 at Honiton, m. John Stout.


HUBERT HUSEY of Charlton Horethorne, Somerset, who also had land at Townstall, Devon, bapt 25 Dec 1677 at Buckerell, m. DOROTHY HOLWAY. She was buried at Charlton Horethorne on 28 Sep 1739 and he d. 1747 (P.C.C. will dated 12 May 1746 and proved 21 Nov 1747) having had issue:


1.     HUBERT, of whom presently.

2.     Robert, Captain in General Wolfe’s Army, bapt 20 Jan 1714/15 at Charlton Horethorne, m. Eleanor – and d. 1759 at Quebec having had issue:

a.     Hubert, b. and bapt 30 Jan 1739/40 at Stourpaine, buried at Stourpaine on 27 Nov 1742.

b.     Hubert, bapt 30 Jan 1744/45 at Stourpaine, m. Anne Clements. He was buried at St. Anne’s, Soho on 25 Dec 1791 (P.C.C. will dated 20 Feb 1791 and proved 14 Jan 1792) and she was buried at Hampton, Middlesex, aged 85, on 2 Feb 1827 (P.C.C. will dated 8 Sep 1821 and proved 26 Jul 1827) having had issue:

1.     Hubert, bapt 20 Nov 1770 at St. Anne’s, Soho, m. 1795, Anne, dau of Caleb Smith of Houghton, near Stockbridge, Hampshire. He d. 1801 at sea on passage to Newfoundland and she d. Sep 1835 at Charlton Mackerel having had issue:

a.     Hubert Hamilton, d. an infant.

a.     Elizabeth Harriet, bapt 27 Aug 1800 at Houghton, Hampshire, m. 9 Jan 1833 at Bathwick, Somerset, Rev Theophilus Williams, M.A., Vicar of Burnham, Somerset 1850-67, son of Rev Edward Williams. He d. 24 Mar 1867, aged 79, and she d. 1867, aged 71, and was buried at Hunstanton, Norfolk having had issue:

1.     Hubert Brymer, b. circa 1838, m. 2 Jun 1866 at St. Paul’s, Clifton, Mary, dau of Lieutenant Colonel David William Balfour-Ogilvy, D.L., J.P., and his wife Mary (née Ogilvy) and d. 1901, aged 63, having had issue. See OGILVY – Burke’s Family Records 1897.

1.     Frederica Jane Anne Tryphoena, unmarried in 1874.

2.     Henry, bapt 2 May 1777 at St. Anne’s, Soho, educ St. Paul’s, d. unmarried.

3.     Charles, of Colebrooke Row, Islington, bapt 18 Jun 1779 at St. Anne’s, Soho, m. 12 Feb 1806 at St. Lawrence Jewry, London, Elizabeth, dau of Joseph Allen Mould of 43 Newgate Street, London. He d. Nov 1819 and was buried at Hackney, Middlesex and she d. 7 Sep 1838 at Richmond, Surrey (P.C.C. will dated 23 Jul 1834 and proved 29 Sep 1838) and was buried at Brixton, Surrey having had issue:

a.     Hubert, b. 17 Sep 1808, bapt 24 Apr 1812 at St. Lawrence Jewry, d. 1816.

b.     Ralph Allen, of 45 Westbourne Terrace and Philpot Chambers, London, b. 7 May 1810, bapt 24 Apr 1812 at St. Lawrence Jewry, m. 30 Jan 1841 at St. Pancras New Church, London, Mary, b. 10 Jul 1819, dau of Charles Innis of Euston Square, St. Pancras. He d. 8 Sep 1871 at Eastbourne (Will dated 21 Feb 1849 and proved 10 Nov 1871) and was buried in Kensal Green Cemetery and she d. 29 Sep 1887 at 9 Lansdowne Road, Tunbridge Wells (Will dated 25 Nov 1871 and proved 8 May 1888) having had issue:

1.     Ralph Allen, b. 22 Jan 1843, bapt 19 Jul 1843 at St. Mary, Marylebone, d. 9 Nov 1848 and was buried in Kensal Green Cemetery.

2.     Charles Hubert, of 97 Westbourne Terrace, London, b. 7 May 1849 at Westbourne Terrace, bapt 11 Jul 1849 at St. James, Paddington, educ Shrewsbury, m. 18 Oct 1879 at Christ Church, Lancaster Gate, younger dau of Richard Evans Hamer. She d. 5 Feb 1905 and was buried in Hampstead Cemetery on 8 Feb 1905 and he d. 7 Feb 1930 (Will dated 26 Aug 1921 and proved 24 May 1930) having had issue:

a.     Ralph Hamer, D.S.O. and bar, M.C., Order of Danilo 4th Class (Montenegro) (obituary, grave photograph), unmarried, Brigadier-General, Commander, 25th Infantry Brigade (letters), b. 25 Nov 1881 at 14 Campden Hill Gardens, educ Marlborough, commanded 1st Battalion, The London Regiment (London Rifle Brigade), arrived in France on 4 Nov 1914, four times mentioned in despatches, four times wounded, fatally wounded on 27 May 1918 at, Berg-au-Bac, Aisne, d. 30 May 1918 in a German field hospital at Berg-au-Bac and was eventually buried in Vendresse British Cemetery (Administration dated 29 Jan 1919).

b.     Hubert Eyton, M.B.E, Licencié-en-Lettres (Toulouse), of 68 Cornwall Gardens, b. 15 Jan 1884 at 14 Campden Hill Gardens, educ Marlborough, interpreter during the First World War, Assistant Master, Marlborough 1940, Oakley Hall, Cirencester 1942-49, m. Noëlie Capéran. He d.s.p. 2 Dec 1949 and she d. 27 Feb 1977, aged 76.

a.     Joan Mary Stuart, Member, The Board of Film Censors, of 20 Stanhope Gardens, Kensington, b. 14 Sep 1880 at 14 Campden Hill Gardens, d. unmarried 25 Nov 1939 (Will dated 9 Nov 1933 and proved 15 Apr 1940) and was buried in Hampstead Cemetery.

b.     Phyllis, b. 5 Feb 1883 at 14 Campden Hill Gardens, d. unmarried 9 Nov 1969 (Administration dated 11 Feb 1971).

c.   Marjorie Helen (Madge), b. 15 Mar 1885 at 14 Campden Hill Gardens, d. unmarried 12 Feb 1970 (Administration dated 11 Feb 1971).

                              3.     Edward John Vivian, of 7 Clifton Grove, Torquay, b. 31 Jan 1852 at Westbourne Terrace, bapt 5 May 1852 at Holy Trinity, Paddington, m. 21 Jun 1882 at St. Augustine’s, Kensington, Pauline, only dau of Francis Tagart, J.P., of 199 Queen’s Gate, South Kensington and Old Sneed Park, Gloucestershire. She d. 31 Jul 1909 at Hillside, Lower Woodfield Road, Torquay and he d.s.p. 12 Jun 1924 at 6 Barkston Gardens, South Kensington (Will dated 2 Jun 1922 and proved 11 Aug 1924).

4.     Arthur Montagu, of 2 Wellington Villas, Stopford Road, St. Helier, Jersey, b. 13 Aug   1853 at Brighton, educ Bradfield, m. 11 Mar 1879 at St. Luke’s, Paddington, Lucy Emma Elizabeth, dau of James Jeffson Dixon and d.s.p. 28 Feb 1910.

5.     Ernest Innis, M.V.O., of Westcliff Road, Bournemouth, partner in Messrs. Jackson Pixley & Co. (Chartered Accountants), b. 14 Apr 1856 at Westbourne Terrace, educ Bradfield, m. 11 Mar 1891 at St. Marylebone, Annie Louisa, youngest dau of Andrew Paton of Gloucester Gardens, Hyde Park. He d. 26 Oct 1925 (Will dated 12 Oct 1922 and proved 16 Dec 1925) and she d. 13 Jul 1953 (Will dated 9 Jul 1949 and proved 19 Aug 1953) having had issue:

a.     Honor Emily Mary, of 28 Kensington Court Gardens, b. 9 Apr 1892 at 4 Sussex Place, Hyde Park, m. 22 Oct 1918, Sir Gerard Leslie Makins Clauson, K.C.M.G., O.B.E., F.S.A., M.A., Assistant Under-Secretary of State, Colonial Office 1940-51, son of Major Sir John Eugene Clauson, K.C.M.G., C.V.O., High Commissioner for Cyprus, and his wife Mary Elizabeth, dau of Sir William Thomas Makins, 1st Bt. He d. 1 May 1974 and she d. 19 Mar 1978 having had issue: 2 sons and 1 dau.

6.     Henry Mildmay, Director, Benskin’s Watford Brewery Ltd., of Mousakellie Estate, Ceylon and Sulham House, near Pangbourne, Berkshire, b. 25 Apr 1857, educ Bradfield, m. 23 Apr 1896 at St. Nicholas, Sulham, Harriett, dau of Reginald Wynniatt, J.P., of Dymock Grange and Stanton Court, Gloucestershire and his wife Betha, dau of William Vansittart, D.L., M.P. for Windsor, H.E.I.C.S. See WYNNIATT late of DYMOCK GRANGE – Burke’s Landed Gentry 1894 Edition. He d. 24 Nov 1916 at Sulham House and was buried at Sulham on 28 Nov 1916 and she d. 25 Mar 1944 (Will dated 4 Jul 1928 and proved 20 Sep 1944) having had issue:

a.     Ernest Wynniatt, Captain, Royal Marine Artillery, commissioned on 22 Aug 1914, served in the First World War (Croix de Guerre), retired on 7 Sep 1920, b. 3 Apr 1897 at 27 Norfolk Crescent, Hyde Park, educ Brighton College, m. 1stly 1940, Margharita Blackstone. He m. 2ndly 1944, Christina Finlayson Palmer. He d. 11 Feb 1958 (Will dated 2 Nov 1946 and proved 28 Oct 1958) and she d. 26 Jun 2000, aged 93, at Featherton House, Deddington, near Banbury having had issue: 1 son.

b.     Reginald Wynniatt (later Wynniatt Husey), Lieutenant Colonel, 22nd (Cheshire) Regiment, of 50 Braemore Road, Hove, b. 6 Aug 1902 at 27 Norfolk Crescent, educ Brighton College, m. 1 Sep 1931, Ione Agnes Barbour, dau of Major Joseph Sparrow, M.C., Managing Director of Knutsford Motors Ltd. He d. 15 Nov 1970 and she d. 22 Jun 1992, aged 84, at Crawley having had issue: 2 sons and 1 dau.

a.     Mary Wilder, b. 3 Aug 1899 at 27 Norfolk Crescent, m. 18 Jun 1928 at Holy Trinity, Brompton, Sir Guy Frederick Thorold, K.C.M.G., B.A., second son of Commander Hubert Gould William Thorold, R.N., of Filchester Hall, Reading, Berkshire and his wife Lora Maud (née Karslake). See THOROLD, Baronet – Burke’s Peerage. She d. 6 Jun 1963 and he d. 16 Jan 1970 having had issue: 2 sons.

7.     Edgar Elliot, Major, 22nd (Cheshire) Regiment, of 9 Neville Street, Onslow Gardens, South Kensington, b. 27 Nov 1862, bapt 1 Apr 1863 at Holy Trinity, Paddington, educ Bradfield, commissioned on 25 Aug 1883, retired on 22 Apr 1903, presented at Court on 15 May 1908, m. 11 Jul 1900 at St. Mary Abbots, Kensington, Eleanor Constance, b. 10 Mar 1867, younger dau of Robert G. Morley of 7 Courtfield Gardens, London SW. She d.s.p. 10 Aug 1922 at 9 Neville Street, Onslow Gardens and he d. 5 Nov 1934 (Will dated 13 Nov 1929 and proved 2 Mar 1935) and they were both buried in Kensal Green Cemetery.

1.     Mary Elizabeth, b. 29 Oct 1841, bapt 2 Feb 1842 at St. Mary, Marylebone, m. 6 Aug 1862 at Holy Trinity, Paddington, James Elliot Cunningham, wine merchant, of 4 Arthur Street West, London, eldest son of Robert Cunningham of Champion Hill, Surrey and had issue.

2.     Eleanor Mary, b. 17 Jan 1844 at St. John’s Wood, bapt 3 Jul 1844 at St. Mary, Marylebone, m. 23 Apr 1868 at Holy Trinity, Paddington, William Hale (obituary) of 17 Upper Westbourne Terrace, son of William Hale of Batheaston, Somerset and d. 1872.

3.     Annie Maria, b. 10 May 1845 at St. John’s Wood, bapt 13 Aug 1845 at St. Mary, Marylebone, m. 16 Jul 1873 at Christ Church, Lancaster Gate, Commander John James Cullen Smail, R.N., second son of Captain Smail, R.N., of Overmains and Atholl Crescent, Edinburgh.

4.     Caroline Edith, b. 12 Aug 1846 at Westbourne Terrace, bapt 27 Jan 1847 at St. James, Paddington, m. 22 May 1890 at Lindoola, Ceylon, Edward Annesley Cooke of Tillyrie, Bogawantalawa, Ceylon.

5.     Emily Florence, b. 4 Nov 1847 at Westbourne Terrace, bapt 26 Jan 1848 at Holy Trinity, Paddington, m. 15 Aug 1888 at St. Paul’s, Kandy, Ceylon, Thomas George, eldest son of Rev Thomas Hayes of Bath.

6.     Katharine Agnes, b. 2 Jul 1850, bapt 14 Aug 1850 at St. James, Paddington, m. 20 Jul 1886 at Brisbane, Australia, William, eldest son of William Kebbell, M.D., of Brighton.

7.     Adela Gertrude, b. 5 Feb 1855, bapt 27 Jun 1856 at Holy Trinity, Paddington, d. 21 Mar 1872 when she fell off a cliff at Orléans.

8.        Ethel Maud, b. 4 Oct 1859, d. 30 Jan 1862 and was buried in Kensal Green Cemetery.

a.        Elizabeth Lydia Priscilla, bapt 4 Aug 1811 at Christ Church, Spitalfields.

b.       Ann Eleanor, bapt 24 Apr 1812 at St. Lawrence Jewry, m. 20 Apr 1836, John Chapman.

                        c.     Mary Maria, b. 3 Sep 1819, d. 13 Nov 1833 at East Place, Lambeth.

4.     James Longman, bapt 29 Sep 1775 at St. Anne’s, Soho, d. unmarried.

5.     Nicholas, bapt 11 Sep 1781 at St. Anne’s, Soho, d.s.p.

6.     George, bapt 3 Oct 1782 at St. Anne’s, Soho.

1.     Anne, bapt 14 Jul 1769 at St. Anne’s, Soho, d. young.

2.     Sarah, bapt 29 May 1772 at St. Anne’s, Soho, m. 2 May 1792 at Old Church, St. Pancras, Rev William Montagu Higginson, Rector of Alvescot, Oxfordshire, Rector of Greatworth, Northamptonshire 1798-1807, son of Rev William Higginson of Corsham, Wiltshire. She d. 1804 at Hastings and he d. Sep 1807 at Alvescot and was buried in Bristol having had issue: 4 sons and 3 daus.

3.      Martha, bapt 22 Feb 1774 at St. Anne’s, Soho.

4.      Mary Anne, bapt 11 Aug 1784 at St. Anne’s, Soho.

5.     Harriet, bapt 13 Apr 1786 at St. Vedast, Foster Lane, m. 3 Aug 1813 at St. Luke’s, Chelsea, Rev William Church of Hampton, Middlesex. He d. 19 Oct 1829, aged 49, at Hampton and she d. 17 Jan 1844 at 33 Epex Street, London and was buried at St. Clement Danes, Westminster having had issue:

a.     Rev William Montagu Higginson, Vicar of Geddington, Northamptonshire 1845-61, Vicar of Hunstanton, Norfolk 1861-70, Rector of Alvescot, b. 17 May 1814, m. 1stly 23 Jan 1845 at Berwick-on-Tweed, Elizabeth Wilson, third dau of Robert Stevenson of Berwick-on-Tweed. She d. 30 Dec 1853 and was buried at Tor-Mohun, Devon having had issue: 2 sons and 1 dau. He m. 2ndly 1 Nov 1855, Melicentia Pereira, eldest dau of Rev Thomas Richard Brown, M.A., Vicar of Southwick, Northamptonshire 1834-75. She d.s.p. 17 May 1857 and was buried at Geddington.

b.     Douglas Hamilton, d. an infant.

c.     Edmund Boyle, Clerk to Lord Romilly, Master of the Rolls, b. 17 Nov 1818, m. 26 Dec 1844 at St. Peter’s, Thanet, Annabella Maria, b. 21 Jul 1820 at Naas, Ireland, youngest dau of Lieutenant Colonel Isaac Blake Clarke, C.B., Royal Scots Greys, and had issue: 5 sons and 5 daus.

d.     Hubert Day, of Hobart, Tasmania, settled in New Zealand in 1871, b. 24 Dec 1828, m. 1855, Mary Ann Newman of Hobart and had issue: 2 sons and 1 dau.

a.     Anne Catherine, b. 11 Jul 1815, m. 9 Jan 1840 at Bath, Rev William Addington Taylor, Rector of Litchborough, Northamptonshire, son of William Joshua Taylor of Bath. He d. 28 Jul 1881 having had issue.

b.     Harriet Ella, b. 31 Aug 1821, m. 8 Oct 1844 at Litchborough, Thomas Hedges Graham, attorney-at-law, of Abingdon, Berkshire and had issue.

c.     Mary Caroline, b. 23 Aug 1822, d. 2 Jan 1824.

d.     Sophia Sarah, of Stapenhill, Burton-on-Trent, b. 1 Dec 1824, m. 1stly 5 Sep 1848 at Geddington, John Stevenson, solicitor, of King’s Road, St. Andrew, Holborn, who d.s.p. Oct 1852. She m. 2ndly 20 Dec 1859 at Geddington, Rev John Lucas Sutton, M.A., Vicar of St. Andrew, Eastern Green, Allesley, 1875-1913, son of Rev John Lucas Sutton, Rector of Oakley Parva, Northamptonshire 1818-70. He d.s.p. 15 Jul 1915.

6.     Sophia, bapt 16 Oct 1787 at St. Vedast, Foster Lane, d. unmarried 22 Dec 1849, aged 61, at Geddington Vicarage and was buried at St. Mary Magdalene, Geddington on 28 Dec 1849.

a.     Dorothy, b. 10 Mar 1738, bapt 20 Mar 1738 at Charlton Horethorne, m. John Day of Wincanton and was buried at Stratton-on-the-Fosse, Somerset having had issue:

1.     William, d. unmarried.

2.     Hubert, of New Rock Farm, near Chilcompton, Somerset, who d.s.p.

b.     Eleanor, bapt 7 Jul 1742 at Stourpaine, d. unmarried and was buried at Charlton Horethorne.

1.     Honor, bapt Apr 1712 at Charlton Horethorne.


HUBERT HUSEY of Charlton Horethorne, b. 14 Dec 1708, bapt 17 Dec 1708 at Stourpaine, m. 14 Apr 1736 at South Petherton, Somerset, HONOR, dau of AMOS PROWSE of South Petherton and niece of John Prowse, Esq. of Truro, Cornwall. See Chancery Proceedings: Husey vs. Prowse - 10 Feb 1736 and monumental inscription in Charlton Horethorne Parish Church. She was buried at Charlton Horethorne on 8 Mar 1776 and he d. 6 Sep 1785 and was buried at Charlton Horethorne on 13 Sep 1785 having had issue:


1.     Hubert John, who was buried at Charlton Horethorne on 18 Sep 1779.

2.     GEORGE, of whom presently.

3.     Robert, living on 26 Aug 1801, who had issue.

1.     Honor, bapt Sep 1739 at Charlton Horethorne, m. 7 May 1769 at Charlton Horethorne, John, son of John Hunt of Compton Pauncefoot, Somerset and his wife Elizabeth (née Brodrepp). See Hunt Family History. He d. 14 Jan 1807 (P.C.C. will dated 1 Feb 1793 and proved 4 May 1807) and she d. 30 Oct 1823 and they were both buried at Compton Pauncefoot having had issue (an only child):

a.     John Hubert, b. circa 1775, d. unmarried 28 Feb 1830 (P.C.C. will dated 28 Sep 1829 and proved 16 Apr 1830). The Compton Pauncefoot property, including the newly-built Compton Castle, was left to his first cousin Elizabeth, wife of Lewis Goodin Senior (see below). There was a name and arms clause in the will which made it necessary for the beneficiaries to change their name to Husey-Hunt. 'Wednesday 29 July 1795 – Mr. John Dalton with young Mr. Hunt of Compton called here this morning to look at the late Mrs. Pounsetts House as an Uncle of Hunts by name Hussey of Salisbury wants such a one.  They stayed with us some time as it rained a good deal' - Dairy of a Country Parson – the Reverend James Woodforde


GEORGE HUSEY, linen draper, of the parish of St. Thomas, Salisbury, Wiltshire and later of Compton Pauncefoot, Member of the Vestry of St. Thomas, Salisbury in 1781, b. circa 1753, m. 1stly 22 Feb 1775 at St. Thomas, Salisbury, Betsy Lee, who d.s.p. and was buried at St. Thomas, Salisbury on 18 Nov 1775. He m. 2ndly 27 Apr 1777 at St. Edmund, Salisbury, JENNY or JANE, bapt 3 May 1758 at St. Edmund, Salisbury, dau of WILLIAM COSTER, baker, and his wife SARAH, dau of GEORGE ALLEN, butcher, Churchwarden of St. Thomas, Salisbury in 1751, and his wife JANE (née PITTMAN). See Coster Family History and monumental inscription in Compton Pauncefoot Parish Church. He d. 25 Dec 1799, aged 46, and was buried at Compton Pauncefoot on 2 Jan 1800 and she lived later at Castle Cary, Somerset, d. 9 Mar 1835, aged 77, and was buried at Compton Pauncefoot on 15 Mar 1835 (P.C.C. will dated 9 Feb 1832 and proved 2 May 1835) having had issue:


1.     Hubert George, b. 14 Sep 1779, bapt 14 Jun 1780 at St. Thomas, Salisbury, m. 7 Feb 1803 in Manchester Cathedral, Frances Evans of Nantwich, Cheshire and d. 1858 having had issue:

a.     Hubert, carpenter, of 79 Tyrwhitt Road, Deptford, Kent, bapt 18 Jul 1811 at Nantwich, m. 3 Jul 1834 at Old Alresford, Hampshire, Jane Sanderson. He d. 1886 and she d. 1888, aged 77, having had issue:

1.     Henry, bapt 19 Apr 1835 at Abbots Ann, Hampshire, living in 1874.

2.     Hubert, bapt 28 Nov 1837 at Abbots Ann, m. 25 Dec 1865 at St. Paul’s, Deptford, Ada Ann Stephens and had issue:

a.        Hubert, b. and d. 1870.

a.        Ellen Jane, b. 1872.

b.        Mary Ann, b. 1875.

3.     Andrew Sanderson, bapt 26 Feb 1843 at Abbots Ann, d. 1843.

4.     George, bapt 28 Apr 1847 at Abbots Ann.

1.     Honor Harriet, bapt 19 Apr 1840 at Abbots Ann, m. 25 Dec 1865 at St. Paul’s, Deptford, John Thomas Franks and had issue.

2.     Mary Ann, bapt 6 Jul 1845 at Abbots Ann.

3.     Elizabeth, bapt 14 Jun 1850 at Abbots Ann.

4.     Jane, bapt 14 Jun 1850 at Abbots Ann.

b.     William, m. 1stly 7 Jul 1843 at St. Edmund’s, Salisbury, Mary, dau of Robert Naish.  He m. 2ndly 16 Feb 1846 at St. Edmund’s, Salisbury, Elizabeth, dau of Samuel Vincent.

a.     Harriet, m. 2 Dec 1849 at St. Edmund’s, Salisbury, Stephen Dickett.       

1.     Honor, of Bathford, bapt 9 Jul 1778 at St. Thomas, Salisbury, d. unmarried 21 Aug 1852 and was buried in the Lansdown Cemetery, Bath (P.C.C. will dated 9 May 1850 and proved 9 Sep 1852).

2.     Jane, of Ansford, near Castle Cary and later of North Cadbury, bapt 5 May 1783 at St. Thomas, Salisbury, d. unmarried 6 Jun 1876 at North Cadbury (Will dated 12 Jun 1874 and proved 20 Jul 1876) and was buried at Compton Pauncefoot.

3.     ELIZABETH, of whom presently.


ELIZABETH HUSEY of Compton Pauncefoot, bapt 17 Sep 1784 at St. Thomas, Salisbury, m. 9 Jan 1809 at St. Augustine’s, Bristol, LEWIS GOODIN SENIOR (later HUSEY-HUNT) of Bristol and later of Compton Castle, Compton Pauncefoot, eldest son of JAMES GALE SENIOR of Prospect Hill in the parish of Westmoreland, Jamaica and his wife LETITIA, dau of LEWIS BURWELL MARTIN, Assistant Judge of the Jamaica Supreme Court, Member of the Assembly for the parish of St. Elizabeth, Jamaica in 1781. He assumed by Royal Licence on 15 Jun 1833 the names Husey-Hunt in lieu of Senior. See Senior and Martin Family Histories. She d. 6 Oct 1832, aged 47, and was buried at Compton Pauncefoot on 10 Oct 1832 and he d. 12 Aug 1844 at Compton Pauncefoot and was buried at Compton Pauncefoot on 17 Aug 1844 having had issue: 7 sons and 4 daus.